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Strating from IT Company as a reseller for branded Product such as Hewlett Packart, Avaya, Nortel, Alcatel, Dell, IBM, Microsoft etc. We knows that IT is a Big Business. But we also knows that to have great IT Infrastructur needs big budget.

Many SMB and Enterpreise company have to face this problem, need IT infrastructure. We decided to develop Our strategy and make a company that can solve this issue.

PT ADIA PRATISTA LESTARI, is the company that we establish to solve IT Problem. We solve your IT Project with smooth migration, low cost, support 24×7 and also Convert you IT Budget from CAPEX to OPEX.

Cloud Adia

Cloud Adia

This is the reason why you choose PT ADIA PRATISTA LESTARI :

1.No Need to buy new Server, Storage, Network etc. We will make sure that all your IT Sistem will work smooth without worried. We can give You 1 Month Demo real time if you really interest to our Services/Product

2.You can scale Up your Hardware in 24 Hours

3.Convert IT Budget from Capex to Opex

4.Support 24×7

5.PT Adia using TIER3 Data Center

6.Our Engineer has experience more than 10 Years in Server, Storage, Network etc

7.Reduce your Electric Cost.

8.Reduce Conflict between Staff Server,Storage,Software, Networking.

9.Reduce cost for hiring to Many IT Staff

10.Give you Best IT Performance

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Graha Aldiron Blok A17-18, Jl.Daan Mogot No.119, Jakarta Barat.

Telp: 021-2944-8465

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Any question? Please contact our customer service to get more information on the services / products.